Monthly Archives: October 2015

Friction by Sawyer Bennett (ARC)

 *****5 stars*****

I seriously love Sawyer Bennett! I love the way she writes, and I love her characters! The Legal Affairs series is one of my favorites, and this installment was no exception. Leary and Reeve are awesome, multi-dimensional characters, and I fell in love with them instantly. Not only are they likable, their...
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Playing for Love at Deep Haven by Katy Regnery

****4 stars****

I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect bridge book for me, in between some more angsty/intense reads. It's a sweet second-chance romance about two people who just can't get their feelings sorted out at the right times. They are thrown back together by fate, and struggle to let go of...
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Pucked by Helena Hunting

****4.5-5 stars****

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was wickedly hilarious. The heroine, Violet, is atrociously inappropriate in social situations, and incapable of censoring herself. I laughed out loud at her verbal diarrhea several times!! But on top of the hilarity, I majorly swooned for Alex Waters and his MC (you'll see)! He is sweet and vulnerable,...
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