Monthly Archives: November 2015

Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters, #4) by Krista & Becca Ritchie

*****5 stars*****

Wow. This book. This series. These characters. There is nothing like them. A special place in my heart is occupied by only them. I thought I would be heartbroken that this book was the end, but I feel very content and fulfilled. LWD could not have been a more perfect ending to this era....
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2015 Favorites

2015 NYMR Favorites

2015 was in incredible year for romance books! There were so many amazing books released, and I could have probably added about 25 more to this list. I had to stop somewhere. I also had an opportunity to read several books that had been on my TBR for a long time,...
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The Fall Up by Aly Martinez

*****5 stars*****

Wow! A definite fave of 2015! This book was perfect. It flowed at the right pace, the writing was brilliant, it had tons of feels without any unnecessary drama, it was sweet and sexy, made me laugh AND cry, broke my heart, and put it back together, wrapped in a bow at the end....
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This Week! 11/16/15-11/20/15

Well, it's another great week in the romance world! Here's is a look at what sparked my interest. I hope there are a few new books for you to love as well!

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