The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts

*****5 stars*****

Wow. I don't really know what else to say. It has been several days, and quite a few books since I read Captive in the Dark & Seduced in the Dark. I needed time to process my thoughts. I can't tell you much about the story without giving away too much. It's dark. Like, very dark. And super f*cked up. There's no other way for me to describe the things that happened in this story. It's the kind of sh*t you don't want to know about, but deep down you know that this kind of evil exists in the world.┬áBut the writing is brilliant. You can most definitely tell that this story was researched, and well planned. CJ Roberts is definitely a gifted writer, even if you worry about her twisted mind ­čśë For those of you that follow my reviews, you know I need that HEA 99.9% of the time, and you can rest assured that this story wraps up nicely. I highly recommend this story for┬áreaders who enjoyed The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar and The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig. You'll hate to love and love to hate this one too. If you choose to dive in, just keep going. There may be times you want to give up, but don't. You NEED to read both books.

Here's the blurb for the first book:

Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge. Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible. Finally, the architect of his suffering has emerged with a new identity, but not a new nature. If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors and kidnap a beautiful girl to train her to be all that he once was.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place. Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her. His name is Caleb, though he demands to be called Master. Olivia is young, beautiful, naïve and willful to a fault. She has a dark sensuality that cannot be hidden or denied, though she tries to accomplish both. Although she is frightened by the strong, sadistic, and arrogant man who holds her prisoner, what keeps Olivia awake in the dark is her unwelcome attraction to him.

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence.

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