The Trouble with Paper Planes by Amanda Dick

*****5 amazing stars*****

Anything I say about this book will be inadequate. The writing is superb. Amanda Dick's writing style is like watching the story unfold in front of you, in bright, living color. Her characters have always suffered something tragic, which often makes you able to connect with them on a much deeper level. Their pain is tangible. I could FEEL EVERYTHING throughout this entire book. I felt pain, despair, grief, heartache, happiness, hope, peace, and everything in between. It took a while after I finished, for my heart to slow down, until I was able to collect my thoughts. And I'm still not entirely there. Essentially, this book is beautiful. It's unconventional. It's a powerful love story. And it's comforting. I don't want to say ANYTHING about the plot, because you must experience it ALL. But, I highly recommend this book! And once you read it, message me so we can talk about it :)

Here's the blurb:

I’ve always believed in what I can see, what I can hear and what I can touch. Surfing was my religion and destiny was just a fairy-tale. But one summer, over ten days during the hottest February on record, all that changed. I found hope – the kind of hope that sustains you, even when you don’t want to be sustained.

The night Emily disappeared, I was branded. She became the girl on the ‘missing’ posters, and I became the one trying to keep everyone from falling apart. I thought that somehow it would keep me from being devoured by the emptiness inside me. Five years later, I was beginning to appreciate how deluded I really was.

Then Maia showed up. New in town, with a past as mysterious as she was, she reminded me so much of Emily that I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near her. What I didn’t realise was that there were forces at play that neither of us could possibly understand.

It takes a determined soul to alter destiny. There is a loophole, a back door, and the events that unfolded during those ten days showed me how that loophole can change everything.

Do you believe in fate? If so, let me tell you my story. If not, what happened to me might change your mind.

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