In the Shadow of Satellites by Amanda Dick

*****4.5 stars***** Review by Christina

If you've never read Amanda Dick, you must. Writing a novel that is moving and so much "more" must be draining, however she never fails to deliver each and every time! Her visual story telling sets up the scene so perfectly. I feel like I've been to New Zealand.

At the start of this story, it was a bit hard to follow and the all the sudden it clicked. Doing it this way helped me experience what Sian was going through. I wept with her confusion, I felt her memories, and my heart wrenched at her longing for her family.

I enjoyed the slow burn and time of healing that took place. With each set back Sian had, we learned more about her as well as the other characters. Getting to know Ana's loyalty for her friend, and the support of Chris made me cheer for the entire group to find happiness. The way Luke was introduced played into each characters' personality so well.

Luke was a character full of dimension. Just when I thought I knew everything about him, he surprised me again. You will fall in love with this man!

Here's the blurb:

Memories are precious, and for Sian Bennett, they are fleeting. On 22 February 2011, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Christchurch, New Zealand. Sian was there, along with her husband and baby son. What happened that day is a mystery; all she remembers is waking up in hospital five months later, alone.

Two long years pass, and the memories continue to disappear into the black hole that was opened up the day of the quake. Life becomes a perilous journey lived on a tightrope that stretches between the past and the present. Retreating to a lakeside cottage in Rotorua, she shies away from a world she no longer understands.

When Luke Lancaster moves into the derelict cottage beyond the trees, he respects his reclusive neighbour’s silent plea for privacy. Now half a world away from his native North Carolina, he has seen war, misery and chaos. Along with his dog, Geezer, he lives with a few ghosts of his own.

What begins as a fragile friendship leads to a much deeper connection, in which truth, lies, love and pain are intimately bound. Even in paradise, shadows lurk.

A slow-burning tale of loss and love, stoked in the flames of fate and superstition, it is ignited by the power of hope.

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