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Back to Yesterday by Whitney Barbetti

****4 stars**** Review by Christina

I have been waiting for the conclusion to Into the Tomorrows since the moment I finished it. I couldn't wait to continue Trista's journey to finding herself in Back to Yesterday. Her journey did not continue without struggle and a lot of it was hard to stomach. I thought it was...
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Struck from the Record by K.A. Linde

****4 stars****

I did a combination of ebook and audiobook on this one, so that I really never had to put it down. I really enjoyed the characters, and they had a unique relationship, which I found interesting. This book is a standalone within a series, but I have not read the other books. You will...
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Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

****4 stars***

OMG I loved this story! For those of you that don't love abs/torsos on covers, bear with me (BARE with me!). I don't love them either. But this book is better than what you would expect from a cover with a nearly-naked man, covering his junk with a hat. It's really good!! I love...
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The Debt by Tyler King (ARC)

****4 stars**** Review by Christina Westrich

I really enjoyed how this was written. Hearing solely from a male POV isn't something that is done often. It was refreshing and necessary to make Josh more likable. I was pulling for Josh and Hadley throughout the entire story. Even though each character was carrying a lot of baggage, I...
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