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Stay (Bleeding Stars #5) by AL Jackson

***** 5 stars *****

It's the middle of the night as I write this review. There's something about AL Jackson's writing that takes hold of me and doesn't let go. It holds on long after the last page is turned. It's beautiful. Poetic. Meaningful. I feel like her writing has evolved, and this series has really...
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Back to Yesterday by Whitney Barbetti

****4 stars**** Review by Christina

I have been waiting for the conclusion to Into the Tomorrows since the moment I finished it. I couldn't wait to continue Trista's journey to finding herself in Back to Yesterday. Her journey did not continue without struggle and a lot of it was hard to stomach. I thought it was...
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Bring Me Back by Micalea Smeltzer

****4.5 gut-wrenching stars****

I don't even know where to begin with this book. It completely gutted me! Like, more than any book in a long time. It made me physically HURT. I haven't ugly cried this much since Slammed by Colleen Hoover. It took me a little bit to get into it because I was coming...
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Written in the Scars (ARC) by Adriana Locke

*****5 emotionally RAW stars*****

This has been a tough book for me to review. I finished it a few days ago, and I've had to sit on it a while. This story affected me so deeply that I haven't been able to organize my thoughts enough to write them down. You know those stories that touch...
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