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MLK Day Update!

Well, I was planning on finishing up Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire for the 157th time. Instead, I'm helping my fifth-grader with a huge school project that's due tomorrow. Of course, he's had the assignment for approximately three months, and every time I've asked him how it's going, he's replied with, "Good! I'm almost done."...
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This Week! 11/16/15-11/20/15

Well, it's another great week in the romance world! Here's is a look at what sparked my interest. I hope there are a few new books for you to love as well!

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New Releases 10/5-10/9

September brought us some HUGE release weeks. This week was a bit quieter, but we still got a lot of great new books to read and/or add to the never-ending TBR! Here's a summary of what I've been talking about recently on Facebook:

*Click book covers for more information,...

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