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I love hearing from you! Feel free to fill out the form, or email me directly. If you're looking for a faster response, I check Facebook more often.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not currently accepting any review requests. I am extremely backlogged, and need to get caught up! Thanks for your understanding. XO

Please include the following information in your request:
1. Title/author/synopsis
2. Is the book a standalone or part of a series? If a series, when will other books be available? Is there a cliffhanger?
3. Is there a love triangle? Cheating?
4. HEA?
5. Do any of the main characters have cancer? If so, do they die? (This is a very difficult thing for me to read about, so I generally steer clear of it.)
6. What genre of romance does the book fall under?

All reviews (3 stars or above) are posted on the blog, Facebook, and Goodreads.

*Please note: I do not read & review books on a deadline. I am very much a "mood reader," and it is in the best interest of everyone involved if I read your book when I'm in the right kind of mood. If your request is time sensitive, please indicate such, and I will consider reading your book as soon as I can.

*If you are interested in having NYMR participate in a cover reveal, blog tour, release day blitz, etc., please send a request to Abby O'Shea at Also, please email me if you are interested in being a Featured Author (multiple promo posts on Facebook throughout the week, as well as a feature on the blog.


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